St. Peter's Preparatory Academy
Voluntary Prekindergarten
Program Goals:

To identify basic skills, concepts, and positive attitudes in the children, and to encourage them in these areas. An important component of our program is to provide an enriched environment which encourages learning through exploration and play. A child's play is a primary indicator of his mental growth. They need many sensory, concrete, hands-on learning experiences which allows students to explore and learn by understanding the concept through their own thought process.

        The Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK)
Education Standards describe skills that four
year old children should know and be able to
do by the end of their VPK experience. Children
 learn at different rates and have different
experiences, abilities, and interests.When
adults understand and embrace these different
trust develops, relationships grow, and healthy
learning follows. Here at St. Peter's we believe
that a healthy relationship between our teachers
and students, will allow our students to learn
exceptionally well.
To apply, contact us and we
will help you get your child enrolled in school asap!

Failure is not an Option!