St. Peter's Preparatory Academy
 Our Team
School Administrator:

Ruth Jefferson

Assistant Principal:

​Barbara Andrews

VPK Director:

Constance Smith


​​​Pamela Pervola

Janice Jones
Gina V. Juliano

Barbara Andrews​
Karen Green

Jewel Green 

Kina Tittle

Karen Williams​​

Food Service:

Lawrence Irving
Lateshia Ford​

Support Staff:

Unlounda King

​​​Dawn White

Samuel Bristol

Timothy Bell

Patricia  Myers​​

Cecilia Sample​
VPK Teachers And Assistants:

​Jennifer Lopez

Brenda Stewart

Griselda Armas​​




Bus Driver:

Jean Exatus

Jason Fish​​

Bus Aide:

Doris Rolle​​​​

Adam Harden​​



Administrative Assistant:

Gloria Finch

Computer Teacher And D.O.D:

P. E. Coach

Dale Dawkins​​
Book Keeper:

Esther Soriano


Marie  Myrthil


​   Serving under the direction of St. Peter's Academy's Board of Directors is our Exemplary Staff. Our School Administrator Ruth Jefferson, Assistant Principal Barbara Andrews, and VPK Director Constance Smith are Passionate dedicated educators who consider their jobs the most significant professional opportunity possible. Ensuring that students strive for and attain excellence in their education. Each employee serves as an exemplary role model with high professional standards, and are charged with ensuring that "NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND."

Failure is not an Option!